Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Women Can't Win

See this article from the Daily Mail:

The article makes the points in the extreme, but there has been lots of it about in various publications.

It's breath-taking how the media manage to knock down both Jade Goody and Gail Trimble, because neither of them can ever live up to the expectations of "ideal" womanhood.

Jade is derided for her ignorance that is a result of her difficult, poverty-stricken and deprived early life. She is castigated for daring to take the rare opportunities that were presented to her and for trying to secure a better life for her children after her own tragically premature death.

Gail has been ripped to shreds for being a privately educated, walking, talking encyclopedia. How dare she focus on her academic career and refuse to be exploited by Nuts magazine. She's not playing the game. We've all seen how clever she is, but the only point in that is that she should now get her bits out for the lads.

The message is clear. It doesn't matter how hard you try or how much adversity you overcome, or for that matter, what class you are. If you are a woman you will never be good enough.

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