Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Scottish Socialist Party Selects Candidate for Glasgow North East By-Election

Kevin McVey stands for socialism in Glasgow North East - 2nd July 2009

The Scottish Socialist Party has selected Kevin McVey as candidate for the Glasgow North East by-election.A civil service trade union representative for 20 years, Kevin was brought up in the constituency, in Ruchazie.Kevin joined the Labour Party Young Socialists in 1984 and was expelled from the Labour party 5 years later for being a socialist.Kevin has a long track record of fighting the poll tax, against school closures, and for taxation of the rich to improve public services.
Kevin McVey said this evening:“At a time of daily news bulletins on the stench of corruption arising from Westminster, I am proud to publicly pledge that I will reject the £64,000 MP’s salary and live instead on the average skilled worker’s wage – not a penny more. “After the mainstream parties have been caught fiddling expenses for food, furniture, second homes, and Michael Martin was booted out for trying to cover up these crimes against people struggling to pay the bills, Labour now wants him promoted to the unelected, undemocratic House of Lords. “That’s an insult to ordinary hardworking people. Where I have worked you would be sacked for doctoring expenses or for failing to act against fiddles if you were in a manager’s post! “The people of Glasgow North East deserve a socialist MP who will fight for them, not another chancer who pockets the obscene salary and then grabs even more in expenses.”
SSP Glasgow Regional Secretary Richie Venton said today:“We are proud to put up a candidate with such a long and principled history of fighting for the working class. “The SSP has been at the heart of fighting to save several local schools and nurseries from Labour’s butchery. We have helped stop the ambitious councillor Gordon Matheson becoming the Labour candidate, because even the out-of-touch Labour hierarchy knew he would be a complete liability in an area blitzed by school closures, which he was at the heart of. The SSP will make Save Our Schools a major issue in the by-election, demanding class sizes of 20 or less for all kids, to give them a decent start in life and to hire more teachers and nursery staff.”

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Comment: I am delighted Kevin has been selected as the candidate. He is the complete opposite of the expenses-fiddling, cynical, devoid-of-principles politicians from the mainstream political parties. He has worked tirelessly for socialism for his entire adult life. Yet he is totally unassuming and modest.

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