Friday, 27 March 2009

Scottish Socialist Party Conference

So, politicians spent the day blabbering on about making slight reforms to the highest form of hereditary privilege. Meanwhile, the City are holding a gun to the Government's head, demanding that they are the only ones who are bailed out.

And the recession is much worse than feared. Much worse than anyone predicted, if the media are to be believed.

That's not actually true. Socialists predicted the timing and the severity of this economic catastrophe and most worryingly, expect it to get a lot worse, with tragic consequences for ordinary people. (Follow the "Left Banker" link at the side.)

We need to get organised and fight to defend our jobs, homes and standard of living. Until there is no more money for bombs, guns, bank bailouts or royalty, we should not even LISTEN, far less believe ruling class claims that there is not enough money to save the likes of us.

My friends in the Scottish Socialist Party are having their annual conference in Arran this weekend. They are a fantastic bunch, who have campaigned widely against all forms of injustice and exploitation. They are working on solutions to this current economic crisis. Solutions for ordinary people like us, not the greedy self-serving b@stards who got us into this mess.

I'm sorry I can't be there this year, but I hope everyone has a wonderful time and goes back to their communities, families and workplaces, re-invigorated and full of hope for what is possible if ordinary people seize control of their own destiny.

Read more about the SSP conference here:

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