Wednesday, 1 April 2009

London G20 Protests

I strongly suggest you check out the Socialist Unity blog for eye witness accounts of the demonstrations and the conduct of the police:

This is courtesy of Al Jazeera.:

(Also, Yahoo had reports that bankers were waving tenners at the protesters.)

It's a bit much when our supposed democratic right to protest becomes the privilege of being detained en masse, in an enclosed space, then subjected to police aggression. These protesters will be hungry and tired, etc. Let them go. And well done on them for upstaging the G20 gravy train coverage.

Excuse me if I cannot get excited about the cost of a few broken RBS windows, compared to the cost of the massive economic vandalism wrought by the ruling class.

I can't get excited about Channel 4 News either. The best part of an hour to watch the rich squabbling amongst themselves about the virtues of more bailouts to the rich,or some limited banking regulation. And why was John Snow going on about how beautiful the Russian first lady is? Is that what counts for balanced reporting these days, since they also mentioned Michelle Obama's sequins?

Still, I suppose we should be grateful for the 30 seconds or so devoted to the voices of ordinary people at the London demos, and on rooftops defending their jobs at Visteon. Well done to all of them.

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