Monday, 12 January 2009

No we didn't misunderestimate you.....

.....we just lost count of the bodies, the bailout swindles and the callous acts.

We will never forget you reading "my little donkey" before you destabilised the world by attacking Afghanistan. The horror you unleashed in Iraq, Abu Ghraib, Fallujah - we can't forget. We will always remember you for legitimising torture and illegal wars. Now the Israeli Government is out of control in Gaza, following your example.
And thanks so much for making us all complicit, by using our airports for your ghastly torture flights to your illegal prisons.
We remember all the graft and the dodgy contracts, selling off the belongings of the Iraqi people to your corrupt buddies.
We will never forget New Orleans and the missed opportunities to prevent the disaster. The stink will never leave you, for the way you privatised or demolished every public thing, while you exiled and abandoned the surviving residents to far-flung trailer camps.
Your attacks on women's rights are such an affront. Who could fail to be moved by your compassion for unborn foetuses? It's a shame your compassion never extended to the babies whose deaths you caused from illegal war or grinding poverty.
The wrecked world economy is testament to the greed of men like you.

I will say this for you. You were a true class-fighter. Pinochet, Thatcher, Friedman etc would all be so proud of you.
I hope people decide it's time for real change, not just a fresh face. We need a huge army of our own class-fighters to take your class on!

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