Sunday, 11 January 2009

There is nothing I can say.....

There is nothing I could ever say to express my horror at events in Gaza, that has not already been said much better by courageous people who have my respect.

This link to an article by the campaigning left-wing journalist John Pilger gives an excellent uncensored summary to the history of the conflict:

I would just add that the original idea of Jews having their own nation was not dependant on the Nazi holocaust. The campaign for a Zionist state started several decades earlier and it depended on the imperialist concept of "Terra Nullis" - literally "uninhabited territory", for its legitimacy. This idea that there was nobody there before the settlers arrived, or that they weren't using the land (in the way white settlers would consider useful), has been used to steal land and oppress native inhabitants in the USA, Canada and Australia.

Here is one graphic picture of the horror Palestinians are being subjected to in Gaza, so we never forget:

And here is a pictures of people demonstrating in Edinburgh against the slaughter in Gaza. Some of the demonstrators are my friends in the Scottish Socialist Party.

And lastly, here is a woman resisting the Israeli military. Her humanity is a beacon of hope. I salute the courage of people resisting imperialist oppression in Gaza and elsewhere in the world:

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