Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I Can't Be Bothered with Obamamania and the Economy. Let's Play Bingo!

I really can't talk about Obamamania or the economic woes. It's all too big and too wrong and too depressing.

I really wish I could believe in Obama, but his reluctance to speak out over Gaza and his choice of aides confirmed my fears. He hasn't got a hope of making capitalism slightly nicer in this economic climate. We face the real prospect of countries going bankrupt. That will be something to behold, if the UK gets the same treatment from the IMF that poorer countries have previously been forced to endure.

Ordinary people need to find their voices and use their power or we are going to be stomped on, as those who have lost their jobs and their homes are already discovering. We see more and more bailouts for the rich without any democratic oversight or guarantees for the rest of us. There is no reason whatsoever to continue to believe the discredited theory of trickle down wealth, that these bailouts will somehow trickle down to us ordinary mortals.

Governments lie all the time and the UK government is especially good at it, as the military personel who were involved in the A and H Bomb tests in the 1950s have discovered. First governments told them to wait until there was a body of scientific evidence that being present at the tests harmed their health. Now that they have waited for the evidence to become available the Ministry of Defence is argueing that they left it too long to make their claims and the issue is time-barred. In all things Governments can only get away with their repulsive cynicism because they are sure we will be angry and disgusted, but not angry and disgusted enough to act.

I'm so glad I found the following blog: Hoyden About Town ( which makes serious points, yet is amusing. I particularly enjoyed feminist bingo. My goodness I can think of lots of opportunities to play this!

And here's more:

You may have to left click on the second image to see it clearly. My absolute favourite is: "I have a friend who is a woman and she thinks you are wrong." Oh well then, I'll just shut up!

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