Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Maybe he had an Exceptionally Thin Skull.......

And the Guardian needn't bother coming over all radical and pro-human rights now. They were very happy to print police lies and slanders about protesters in the first instance.

Is there any footage of protestors impeding medics? Not yet? Strange that.

So sorry for the suffering of Ian Tomlinson and his loved ones. And sorry I called him a protester when he wasn't.

What are we to make of the Met's original assertions that officers had no contact with Ian Tomlinson until after he collapsed? Does that mean that no officer challenged the one who assaulted Tomlinson when he had his back to them, walking away from them, presenting no threat? Does it mean that no officer spoke up afterwards about what happened?

And what of the police post mortem? No bruises worth mentioning? Or not worth mentioning until after the G20 media circus has left town?

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