Thursday, 2 April 2009

More on the G20 Protests

I suggest you check out Indymedia UK, Harpy Marx (, Infantile & Disorderly ( and Lenin's Tomb (, if you haven't already.

This video from Indymedia is probably the best piece of reporting from the G20. Gordon Brown etc keep using phrases like "we will do whatever is necessary." Now we can be sure what they mean by that.

I don't believe the media or the police about the death of the protester. If he was illegally detained by the police in a crowded space for seven hours, surely we should wait for the results of a post mortem, to see if he did in fact die of natural causes. I certainly don't believe protesters hampered rescue or resuscitation efforts. Remember Harry Stanley and John Charles de Menezes. (I don't mean that they were shot. I mean the lies the police told and how happy the media were to circulate those lies.)

Well done to all the protesters. You have kept the spotlight on the impact this crisis of capitalism is having on ordinary people.

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